Lucy Palmer

Associate Professor, Medicine
Stony Brook University
Lucy Palmer
Dr. Lucy Palmer is an Associate Professor of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine at Stony Brook University, Renaissance School of Medicine. Dr. Palmer's clinical research focuses on identifying the risks for respiratory infections in mechanically ventilated patients and finding better ways of treating these infections. Dr Palmer and Smaldone designed and conducted two RCT’s of adjunctive inhaled therapy for the treatment of respiratory infection in mechanically ventilated patients. Both trials demonstrated significant improvement in clinical response and eradication of resistant pathogens compared to placebo. However, two recent large Phase 2 and Phase 3 RCT’s of adjunctive inhaled therapy (INHALE , IASIS) failed to achieve their primary or secondary outcomes. We believe these failures may have been related to the timing of therapy and possible device issues. Large RCT clinical trials with new devices, indications and outcomes are needed. If results are positive, this could change the treatment of respiratory infection in critically ill patients and the landscape of bacterial resistance in intensive care units.


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