Evgenyi Shalaev

Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Development
Evgenyi Shalaev
Evgenyi Shalaev, Ph.D., AAPS Fellow, is an executive director in Pharmaceutical Development, Allergan plc, Irvine, California, USA, and an adjunct professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota. Dr. Shalaev held the Royal Society Fellowship in Pafra Biopreservation and the University of Cambridge, UK, post-doctoral research appointments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Cornell University, and worked at the Institute of Carbon (Russia), Institute of Molecular Biology (Russia), and Pfizer Inc. (USA), before taking his present position. His responsibilities in Allergan are focused on biological drug products covering both controlled release dosage forms and conventional formulations such as solutions and freeze-dried powders. Dr Shalaev’s research interests include: amorphous and other disordered solids; phase transitions in aqueous systems during freezing and drying; chemical and physical stability of small molecules and biologicals; development and scale-up of freeze-drying processes. He has published over a hundred peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and patent applications.


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