Andrea Dwyer

Associate Research Director
Emergo by UL
Mehrdad Kheiripour
Andrea Dwyer is Associate Research Director with Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research & Design team, based in Concord, MA. A board-certified human factors professional, Andrea leads and oversees research activities required to meet regulators’ expectations for applying human factors engineering (HFE) during medical device development. She composes HFE project plans and helps medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers develop key HFE documents for their design history files, including authoritative HFE reports and comprehensive use-related risk analyses. She frequently conducts workshops, speaks at industry events, and advises clients how to implement HFE in the medical device development process. Andrea is co-author of Medical Device Use Error – Root Cause Analysis. She holds a B.S. in Human Factors and an M.S. in Engineering Management, both from Tufts University.


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