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Infectious Disease: Target Profiling and Associated Key Assays to Support Vaccine Development from Early Development to Late Clinical Phase

Presented by Luc Gagnon, PhD, Vice President, Vaccines Sciences at Nexelis, a Q² Solutions Company, and Bassam Hallis, PhD, Interim Deputy Director Research and Evaluation at UK Health Security Agency

Thursday 19 May 2022 at 15:00 |


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Vaccine effectiveness is now common place in the news and every day conversation.  In the vaccine development space, demonstration of the of vaccine efficacy is pivotal to obtain the authorization from the regulatory agencies to proceed with the commercialization.  Preparation for an efficacy study to support begins much earlier.  To be best prepared to support the biopharmaceutical industry or address a new infectious diseases, experts must understand the vaccine designs and associated mechanism of action to initiate the assay method development.  For Dr. Luc Gagnon, PhD, and Dr. Bassam Hallis, PhD, virologists and infectious disease experts, this mindset and understanding of viral and bacterial pathogens are core tenants of their careers.  

During this discussion, our experts will answer questions on the significance of the key assays to support prophylactic vaccine development as well as the worldwide impact of an effective, commercially viable vaccine.  Woven into this conversation, a perspective of how a specialty laboratory operates to carry out a sponsor’s study and why these experts work in consultation with sponsors to design and develop the most optimal study.  It’s a master class in scientific transparency as it relates to addressing infectious diseases.  

We invite virologists, infectious disease experts, and scientists in the vaccine field to participate in an open forum to discuss the vaccine development landscape.  

The goal for this session will be to achieve these take away themes during the roundtable: 

  • Evidence of the many vaccines and infectious disease targets you’ve each worked on in your careers to date
  • Challenges and nuances of assay development vs qualification vs validation
  • How do your team navigate and scaling the assays
  • What consultative support can a CRO/specialty lab offer to a sponsor in their pre-clinical and clinical development

About the Speakers

Luc Gagnon, PhD, Vice President, Vaccines Sciences at Nexelis, a Q² Solutions Company

Luc Gagnon, Vice President of Vaccine Sciences and Laval, Canada Site Head, leads scientific operations at Nexelis to support vaccines and biologics development throughout the different phases of clinical trials.  With the acquisition of Nexelis by Q² Solutions, Luc also serves as the Q² Solutions Vaccine Scientific Advisory.

With over 20 years of experience in several biotech, CRO, and pharmaceutical companies to his role, including extensive expertise in ligand binding and microbiology/virology functional assay development, qualification, and validation, Luc brings a hands-on approach to vaccine science and leadership within the organization. Research and development to clinical through all phases of clinical testing available across our vaccine science platforms, Luc and his team of cellular immunology, microbiology, and virology experts are key opinion leaders in the field and act as an extension of our partners. Their guidance and knowledge extend within our organization to our growing team of more than 150 scientists in Laval and across our global network of laboratories.

Luc received his Ph.D. in Microbiology/Immunology at Laval University, Canada with a specialty in antibiotic resistance. During his post-doctoral fellowship, Luc developed key tools to support gene therapy programs such as adenovirus, lentivirus, and baculovirus. His work directly translates to the scientific team development and laboratory testing he leads today.

Bassam Hallis, PhD, Interim Deputy Director Research and Evaluation at UK Health Security Agency

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