Upcoming Discovery Events

Organ Modelling UK: In-Person

21- 22 April 2022 |


21- 22 April 2022


+ Digital Day: 25 April 2022 | Online

Bringing together expert leaders to discover the latest tools and strategies for advanced organ model development.

Discovery Europe: In-Person

09 - 10 June 2022 |

Berlin, Germany

09 - 10 June 2022

Berlin, Germany

+ Digital Day: 13 June 2022 | Online

Join and network with over 500 industry leaders at the renowned Drug Discovery Summit in Berlin, where we will address the latest advancements in target identification, validation and HIT optimisation.

Neuroscience Discovery Symposium

15 September 2022 |

Online: BST (UTC+1)

15 September 2022

Online: BST (UTC+1)

Discovery US: In-Person

14 - 15 November 2022 |

Boston, USA

14 - 15 November 2022

Boston, USA

+ Digital Day 16 November 2022 | Online

500+ leaders, experts and scientists helping to shape the future of drug discovery and development

Upcoming Discussion Groups

Our monthly Discussion Groups are hosted by a panel of leading industry experts who explore some of the key issues facing Drug Discovery, Computational & Molecular Drug Design, as well as Medicinal Chemistry today.

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DEL and HIT Finding

February 9th 2022 | 15:00 GMT

Discussion Group Leaders:

Joe Franklin (VP Chemistry, Anagenex)
Paul Richardson, (Director, Discovery Chemistry, Pfizer)


 Joe Franklin: Traditional DEL & DEL with Machine Learning
• How to use ML to find HITS
• How Anagenex use ML

Panel Discussion: Challenges of DEL and Hit Finding 

  • Machine Learning & DNA Encoded Libraries
  • Challenges – and where do we go next
  • Deconvolution of the hits
  • Biophysical vs Biochemical Interrogation of HITS – Which should come first?
  • Why hasn’t del been more successful getting molecules to the clinic?
Organ-on-chip / Organoid Discovery
Taking place March 1st 2022

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AI in Drug Design – Alpha-Fold
April 1st 2022 | 15:00

Discussion Group Leader:

Govinda Rao Bhisetti, Principal Investigator, Head of Computational Chemistry, Biogen

Panel Discussion: The Use of Alpha-Fold, Something Useful Or Complete Hype?

  • How can we optimise the use?
  • Current status of use and limitations
  • Difficulties in generation of structures
  • Potential in improved use of Alpha-Fold


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Targeted Protein Degradation 
Taking place April 29th 2022

Discussion Group Leader:

Markus Schade, Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca

Panel Discussion: Innovation in PROTACS 

  • Preclinical Oral PROTACS
  • New PROTAC targets
  • Targeting Drug-Resistant Mutants & Beyond Catalytic Activity


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Target Identification, Phenotypic and Cell based Screening
Taking place June 1st 2022

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Neuroscience Drug Discovery Development
Taking place June 21st 2022

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Reports and write-ups pertaining to previous Discussion Groups are available in our Insights section.

Previous Discussion Groups

December 2021

This month’s discussion group focuses on novel methods for protein degradation and moving forward from the traditionally used E3 Ligases. Join our December discussion group to join the conversation with industry leaders and pioneers, learn about the latest market trends and developments, and explore the future of targeted protein degradation.

Panel Discussion

Drug Discovery – Modalities and New Mechanisms

–       New modalities e.g. Triple modalities

–       Novel E3 ligases development

–       Molecular glues update – moving towards rational design

Discussion Group Leader: Markus Schade, Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca


  • Joanne Wayne, Senior Scientist, Vernalis
  • Benedict Cross, Chief Technology Officer, Phoremost
  • Gustavo J. Gutierrez, Principal Scientist, Galapagos
  • Zhenyi (Jason) Hu, Postdoctoral Associate, Crews lab, Yale University
  • Magnus Walter, Head of Discovery Chemistry, Screening Biology & Operations, AbbVie

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