Felix Gnerlich

Principal Scientist
Felix holds a chemistry diploma from TU Munich and earned his PhD in organic and nucleic acid chemistry at LMU Munich, working under Professor Thomas Carell on the synthesis of epigenetic nucleoside modifications. Felix first joined the pharmaceutical industry heading oligonucleotide synthesis within Sanofi’s Nucleic Acids Therapeutic Platform in Frankfurt, Germany, where his team focused on the synthesis of siRNA for targeted delivery and formulation. He then pursued an opportunity at the Munich-based biotech Rigontec, where he set up capabilities and led the chemistry R&D team to develop immunostimulatory RNA drugs. This company was acquired by MSD (Merck) for up to 500M US$, which was one of the top biotech M&A deals in Europe in 2017. In his current role, Felix leads the oligonucleotide efforts in the MedChem department at AstraZeneca’s R&D site in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is helping to fuel the early-stage portfolio of the respiratory disease unit. 


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