9th Annual
Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Congress
01 - 02 June 2021 | London, UK

Bringing you the latest in enabling technologies, computational-based drug design and discovery chemistry. Key focus areas include: DNA-encoded libraries, protein-to-protein interactions, AI/ML in drug design, and medicinal chemistry for oncology

Discovery UK: In-Person includes...​

Over 400 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organizations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions

A look at the future of drug discovery in new modalities in biotherapeutics, proteins, cell and genetic based discovery.

The latest updates on the integration of screening approaches in phenotypic and genomics based discovery, Organ on the chip and 3D modelling, RNA as novel drug targets

Insights into drug discovery strategies & next generation therapeutics, empowering drug discovery with chemical biology, target validation, drug profiling and protein degradation technologies

Explore successful strategies in compound library development, DNA/RNA encoded library, protein to protein interaction, fragment and structured based drug design

Focus on cutting edge tools, including; AI in ADME, big data management, model management, artificial intelligence, machine learning in drug design and AI in chemical synthesis, AI-enabled target ID capabilities, lead identification/optimisation and much more…

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

Stream 4: Computational Drug Design: AI Focus

  • AI in Chemical Synthesis, Target ID capabilities, Lead Identification, Lead Optimisation, Measuring PK/PD and prediction

Afternoon Interactive Roundtable Session: Computational Drug Design: AI Focus

Workshop: Deploying 3D Modelling To Chemists

Day Two

Afternoon Interactive Roundtable Sessions:

Stream 3: Integration Of Technologies In The Optimization Of HITs – DEL, Covalent Inhibitors and Protein Degradation

Stream 4: Molecular Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry

Live Webinar

Application of In-Vitro and In-Vivo ADME/PK/Expl Tox assays to Support Lead and Candidate Selections

Wednesday, 18th November, 2020
10:00am GMT (UTC+0)

hosted by Lilly Xu, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, DMPK & Exploratory Toxicology Dept, ChemPartner

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