: Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry

Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry

26 - 27 October 2021 | London, UK
9th Annual
Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Congress
26 - 27 October 2021 | London, UK

Bringing you the latest in enabling technologies, computational-based drug design and discovery chemistry. Key focus areas include: DNA-encoded libraries, protein-to-protein interactions, AI/ML in drug design, and medicinal chemistry for oncology

Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry Congress includes...​

Join over 400 leaders, experts and scientists at this event, helping to shape the future of discovery chemistry and computational drug design:

Learn about key focus areas include DNA encoded libraries, protein-protein interactions, AI/ML in drug design and new modalities such as Protein Degradation and Covalent Inhibitors.

Gain successful strategies in compound library development, DNA/RNA encoded libraries, protein to protein interaction, fragment and structured based drug design

Focusing on cutting edge tools, including: AI in ADME, big data management, model management, artificial intelligence, machine learning in drug design and AI in chemical synthesis, AI-enabled target ID capabilities, lead identification/optimisation

Engage in interactive discussions on the Integration Of DEL, Covalent Inhibitors and Protein Degradation Technologies In The Optimization Of HITs.

Agenda at a Glance

Day One

Morning Sessions:

Stream 4: Computational Drug Design: AI Focus

Afternoon Interactive Roundtable Sessions:

Roundtable Discussions:

  • Addressing Difficult Targets with New Novel Approaches in Drug Design
  • AI in Drug Design – Where Are We?
  • Digitising Drug Discovery Labs
  • AI & Data Analysis

Deploying 3D Modelling To Chemists

Day Two

Stream 3: Integration Of Technologies In The Optimization Of HITs – DEL, Covalent Inhibitors and Protein Degradation

Stream 4: Molecular Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry

Interactive Roundtable Discussions:

  • New Chemical Modalities and Challenging Targets: (Small and Large Molecules) and Choice of Modalities
  • Covalent Inhibitors Design and Discovery – Overcoming Challenges

Live Webinar

Application of In-Vitro and In-Vivo ADME/PK/Expl Tox assays to Support Lead and Candidate Selections

Wednesday, 18th November, 2020
10:00am GMT (UTC+0)

hosted by Lilly Xu, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, DMPK & Exploratory Toxicology Dept, ChemPartner