: Day Two

Day Two

01 – 04 June 2021 | BST (UTC+1)

Day One: OnTarget Discovery, Phenotyping Discovery and Animal Modelling

DAY TWO: 02 JuneTargeted Protein Degradation and PROTAC

Benefit from case studies on advancing Targeted Protein Degradation in target validation, therapeutics development and translation in the clinic. The interactive symposium will also address effective lead identification and profiling in targeted protein degradation and strategies beyond the proof of concept molecules

Day Three: Medicinal Chemistry and Optimisation of HITs

Agenda at a Glance

Stream 1: New Modalities And Challenging Targets

Sharing New Case Studies, Innovative Data And Industry Outlook

Workshop 1: Molecular Glue for New Drug Development

Workshop 2: E3 Ubiquitin Ligases and Targeted Protein Degradation

Key Speakers include...

Ian Churcher

Ian Churcher

Amphista Therapeutics Limited

Xavier Jacq

Xavier Jacq

Almac Discovery

Ryan Potts

Ryan Potts