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Bringing you the latest research surrounding the safety, efficacy and characterisation of cell & gene therapies, targeted approaches for cell line development, optimised cell media techniques, and more, through a range of Speaker Interviews, Industry Insights, and Expert Opinions.

Written Q&A
Discover key insights into the application of microphysiological systems for advanced kidney and prostate cancer research.
27 July 2022
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models
Insight Article
Will 3D model development reach its potential to innovate cell and gene therapeutics? We spoke to Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, and the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology to find out more.
Edited by Tia Byer |
29 April 2022
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models
Discussion Group Report
Oxford Global’s Discussion Groups provide a focused networking opportunity for a handful of like-minded experts on a monthly basis. Our April Discussion Group addressing ‘3D Model Development’ brought together an exclusive panel of key opinion leaders to address the market’s growth and future directions.
Edited by Tia Byer |
28 April 2022
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models
Raymond R. Mattingly explains the applications of 3D cell culturing at Oxford Global’s 3D Cell Culture Symposium.
Edited by Tom Cohen |
24 April 2022
Tissue Engineering & 3D Models

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