Vasiliki Kalodimou

Director at Flow Cytometry - Research & Regenerative Medicine Department
IASO Maternity & Research Hospital
Philipp Nold
Vasiliki E. Kalodimou is the Director at the Flow Cytometry-Research and Regenerative Medicine Department of IASO Maternity-Pediatric and Research Hospital in Athens, Greece. Since 2006, Dr. Kalodimou has studied and worked with stem cells from placenta, umbilical cord and adipose tissue, in everyday practice and their applications in regenerative medicine, clinical trials, medical tourism and Flow Cytometry. Dr. Kalodimou is also working in the area of human genetics & population genetics as well as cellular standards. In addition to collaboration with state universities and pharmaceutical companies on research projects (11), Dr. Kalodimou frequently publishes (33 & 6 books) her findings. She has 2 patents. She is an AABB Lead/Sole assessor, a board member (after election) at the AABB Cellular Therapy Accreditation Program Unit for worldwide standards development and accreditation, the Leader (after election, 2013-2016) at AABB CT Subsection: CT Product Manufacturing and Testing, voting Committee Member at AABB Cellular Therapies Standards Committee (9th edition of Standards for Cellular Therapy Services), placed to serve as a Mentor for Cellular Therapy, Professional Engagement Program (PEP), and also a member of two subsections of the AABB Cellular Therapies Section. She is also a student mentor for Imperial College University of Medicine in London for the year 2018-2019 and in the advisory panel of Parents guide to Cord Blood, USA. She is in the editorial board and a reviewer in several scientific international journals as well as board member in scientific organizing committees for medical conferences worldwide.


October 30 2019, 16:00
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CANCELLATION: Cellular Standard & Accreditation For The Cellular And Regenerative Medicine Labs