Sophie Escott-Morgan

Senior Scientist Design & Development
Jellagen Pty Ltd
Philipp Nold
Originally, Sophie trained as a biomedical scientist at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, undertaking a project looking at understanding Hepcidin Expression by THP-1 Cells in response to LPS. This interest in the immune response and inflammation led Sophie to undertake a Masters in Tissue Engineering, with emphasis on regenerative medicine and wound healing. Rather than pursuing academia, she then took a route into industry. Sophie joined a Quality Control lab as a serologist, before moving on to become a Lab Manager covering both Conjugate Chromatography and Washbay departments. After 5 years in Production it was time to return to research and development; taking the position of Senior Scientist Design and Development at Jellagen where she resumed her focus on regenerative medicine and wound healing applications.


October 29 2019, 09:30
 - 10:00
Jellagen - A Next Generation Collagen Matrix For Cell Culture & Tissue Engineering Applications