Robert Vries

Chief Executive Officer
Hubrecht Organoid Technology
Philipp Nold
Robert received his PhD in Biochemistry from the Leiden University Medical Center on a molecular study of oncogenic transformation. He subsequently moved to Stanford University (USA) to do his Post Doc studying neural stem cells. Upon his return to the Netherlands he continued the study of adult stem cells in the group of Prof Hans Clevers at the Hubrecht Institute in The Netherlands. In the group of Hans Clevers he was part of the team that developed the breakthrough technology that allowed the expansion of adult stem cells. The so-called Organoid Technology became the basis of the non-profit company Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB) of which he is currently the CEO.


October 30 2019, 16:00
 - 16:30
Organoid Based Drug Development Focusses Preclinical Work On The Patients