Robert Thomas

Professor of Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing
Loughborough University
Philipp Nold
Rob Thomas is an EPSRC Early Career Fellow and Professor in Manufacturing for Cell Based Therapies at Loughborough University. He leads a team developing the process science and technologies to enable manufacturing of cell based regenerative medicine therapies. The focus is efficient experimental design and data utilisation to maximise control and quantify risk in process development and manufacture whilst containing cost. Such developments are required for realisation of production processes that adhere to the ethos of Quality by Design. His team have progressed areas such as in vitro haematopoietic progenitor expansion, immunotherapy scale up, and red blood cell production amongst other to support the development of commercially viable processes.


October 29 2019, 09:00
 - 09:30
Stream Keynote Address: Developing Low Risk Manufacturing Processes For Cell Based Therapies