Michael O’Dwyer

Founder and Chief Security Officer
ONK Therapeutics
Philipp Nold
Michael O'Dwyer is Founder and CSO of Catamaran Bio, a newly established company focusing on development of NK cell therapy for cancer. He is also Professor of Haematology at NUI Galway. He is an experienced Clinician Scientist with a special interest in clinical and translational research in blood cancers, in particular multiple myeloma and is a member of the International Myeloma Working Group. His research interests include immunotherapy and the role of immune microenvironment in the pathogenesis and treatment of multiple myeloma, Areas of current research in his lab include (1) understanding the interactions between glycans and their ligands in disease progression and resistance and development of novel therapeutic approaches to overcome these (2) role of small molecule inhibitors as therapeutic strategies (3) reversing immune tolerance/suppression in the tumor microenvironment (4) exploring novel approaches to NK cell therapy. There is a strong translational focus to his research and he has been extensive experience in drug development and clinical trials. He has received research funding from Science Foundation Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society and the Health Research Board.


October 29 2019, 09:30
 - 10:00
The Rationale For The Development Of CAR-NK Cells For The Treatment Of Multiple Myeloma