Emanuela Cuomo

Associate Director
Philipp Nold
Emanuela Cuomo is Associate Director in the Discovery Biology department of AstraZeneca, Cambridge. She leads the Cell Biology team that generates hundreds of cell models for target identification and validation for the Oncology disease area, including Immuno- Oncology. Emanuela co-leads both the Precise genome editing discipline and the Therapeutic Genome editing Strategy in AstraZeneca. Her team contributes to innovation in the CRISPR field to develop enzymes that are more efficacious/ precise and methodologies to exploit genome editing for the study of drug resistance and T cell manipulation. Emanuela is an expert in the study of cell cycle signaling in normal and cancer cells. She obtained a PhD in biochemistry at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and subsequently she joined UCL Cancer Institute in the Viral Oncogenesis team as a CR-UK postdoctoral fellow.


October 29 2019, 11:20
 - 11:50
Genome Editing For T Cell Therapy

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