Che Connon

Professor of Tissue Engineering, Institute of Biomedicine
Newcastle University
Philipp Nold
Che Connon obtained his PhD in Biophysics in 2000, during which time he investigated corneal wound healing and transparency. He subsequently obtained a JSPS post-doctoral fellowship to work in Kyoto, Japan for two years studying corneal stem cell transplantation. Upon his return to the UK he was awarded a Royal Society Fellowship to investigate the use of biomaterials in stem cell therapies. He obtained his first permanent position in 2007 at University of Reading, School of Pharmacy and since 2014 he has held the position of Professor of Tissue Engineering at Newcastle University. Professor Connons research seeks to engineer functional replacement and temporary 'bridge' tissues using a modular approach while also developing model systems to study physiological and pathophysiological corneal tissue formation. His research has resulted in the founding of 3 biotech companies (Atelerix Ltd, CellulaREvolution Ltd and 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd) each addressing key bottlenecks in the cell therapy manufacture process.


October 30 2019, 16:30
 - 17:00
Current And Future Perspectives On Corneal Tissue Engineering