Caroline Odenwald

Product Manager
Progen Biotechnik GmbH
Philipp Nold
Caroline Odenwald joined PROGEN as Product Manager for the AAV Titration ELISAs and antibodies in 2018. In her role as Product Manager she represents the interface for the AAV Titration ELISAs between the in-house R&D and customer needs. Caroline studied Biology and Cancer Biology at the University of Marburg and Heidelberg, Germany. She aquired her doctorate in the department of Virus-associated vaccination strategies at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany where she extended her work until 2018 as research scientist.


October 29 2019, 14:50
 - 15:20
AAV Titration ELISAs: A Robust & Reliable Tool For AAV Quantifi cation

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