Ajan Reginald

Chief Executive Officer
Philipp Nold
Ajan Reginald is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Celixir, which he originally founded in 2009 with Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Martin Evans. Celixir developed an in-house portfolio of C> products and completed two PI/II clinical trials. Ajan has led the companies development for 10 years including as co-inventor on over 100 patent applications and completing multiple funding rounds. Ajan is trained in both business (AMP Harvard, MBA Kellogg) and science (MSc Experimental Therapeutics, University of Oxford) and was awarded a U.K. Fulbright Scholarship. His experience includes roles as Global Head of Emerging Technology for Roche Group; Business Development Director, Roche Pharma and with Boston Consulting Group.


October 30 2019, 08:30
 - 09:30
Table 1: Clinical Development For Oncology - Challenges In Developing Therapies: Effi cacy, Safety, Delivery And Patient Populations
October 30 2019, 12:00
 - 12:30
Developing Novel Cell And Gene Therapies

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