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In this Commentary article, we investigate the applications of human stem cell modelling for identifying the ways in which neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's affect the brain.
Edited by Ben Norris |
08 April 2022
Insight Article
Data management for diagnostic devices is fast becoming a vital concern of the biomarkers industry. With the increased prevalence of ML and AI, this article interviews key opinion leaders from Nottingham Trent University, Apis Assay Technologies, and UCB about the future perspectives of diagnostic innovation and regulation.
Edited by Tia Byer |
30 March 2022
Vendor Product Release
Breath is the ideal biomarker matrix for the future of diagnostics. Sample collection is non-invasive, painless and easy to perform, and breath is a rich source of potential biomarkers. Potential applications for breath tests include disease detection, phenotyping, progression and treatment monitoring, and complementary diagnostics. Discover the benefits and capabilities of breath testing, and start researching breath biomarkers with Breath Biopsy®.
11 January 2022
Video Content
Presented by Scott Reid, PhD, MBA; Executive Director Strategic Alliances and CDx, NeoGenomics
07 September 2020
Insight Article
Steve Anderson, Senior Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer, Covance
21 February 2019

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