: Pre-Event Webinars

Pre-Event Webinars

17 – 21 May 2021 | BST (UTC+1)

Presented by expert speakers, our webinars will give you advance insight into topics that will be covered at the event.

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Pre-Event Webinars

Non-invasive Clinical Biomarker Discovery and Development with the Breath Biopsy® OMNI Assay

Wednesday, June 23 | 16:00 – 17:00 BST (UTC+1)

This webinar will showcase the applications of Breath Biopsy® and its potential in clinical trials and drug development. Researchers and clinicians seeking reliable, non-invasive methods for biomarker discovery, including both untargeted and focused approaches, should join.
Owlstone Medical’s Breath Biopsy is suited to the collection and analysis of breath samples across a range of therapeutic areas including respiratory and inflammatory diseases, oncology and liver disease. This webinar will present case studies from these areas and Owlstone Medical’s approach to developing biomarker solutions. Breath sampling is regarded favorably by patients and is suitable for ongoing monitoring and early detection, enabling faster decision making in clinical trials. Unlike other sample matrices, large volumes of breath can be collected and concentrated improving analytical sensitivity, and since the sampling is completely non-invasive it can be performed at more frequent intervals.

• Explore the diverse clinical applications of breath biomarkers and the benefits of non-invasive breath analysis for drug development, diagnostics and therapeutic decision making.
• Learn about Breath Biopsy and its capabilities for early detection of disease and precision medicine, including case studies on liver diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer.
• See how Breath Biopsy allows robust untargeted biomarker discovery through the OMNI Assay and how we are developing targeted approaches based on the latest research.

Presentation 1: Owlstone Medical and the Breath Biopsy Platform

Presented by Howard Kartstein, Senior Business Development Manager at Owlstone Medical 

Howard is part of the global business team at Owlstone Medical providing Breath Biopsy services and expertise to clinicians and researchers exploring breath-based biomarkers. Prior to joining Owlstone, Howard helped clinicians to identify Inherited Metabolic Disorders and resolve diagnostic odysseys at Metabolon Precision Medicine. Before (re)joining Metabolon, he managed a five-person sales team for Eurofins Pharma Discovery and directed client interactions for companies using Second Genome’s microbiome profiling and analysis services. Howard was a member of the early business team at Metabolon developing the company’s pharmaceutical and consumer health franchises and has worked in sales and marketing for product and service companies including Cerep, Genzyme, PerSeptive Diagnostics and Seragen. Howard received his degree in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire, his advisors including Richard Blakemore, William Chesbro, Denise Maratea, Tom Pistole and Robert Zsigray.

Presentation 2: Wide Ranging Clinical Breath Biopsy Applications for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Academia

Presented by Dr Robert Mohney, Head of Clinical and Translational Science at Owlstone Medical

Robert studied chemistry at undergraduate level and began work as a research lab technician in pathology, where his research helped to characterize the biochemical lesions that underlie defective glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) synthesis in the rare disease paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinemia (PNH). This work resulted in his first published manuscript and first scientific presentation, in Cambridge UK in 1990.
Robert then subsequently entered graduate school, focusing on changes in neuronal phenotype after peripheral axonal injury and received his PhD in Neurosciences from Case Western Reserve University.
Robert’s training continued when he joined the NIH as a Pharmacology Research Associate Fellow, before joining a small molecule screening and drug discovery company, where he led several key oncology and inflammation programs. In 2006, he was introduced to Metabolon and the burgeoning field of metabolomics, where he took on roles of increasing complexity, eventually being promoted to Vice President to lead the Discovery and Translational Sciences team.

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