01 - 02 November 2022 | Berlin, Germany
Biomarker Analysis Europe
01 - 02 November 2022 | Berlin, Germany

Accelerate timelines and reduce risk in drug development through optimised biomarker analysis

Hear from and meet with the leading figures in biomarker analysis to explore how companies are innovating in biomarker analysis to accelerate timelines and reduce risk in drug development, with in-depth consideration of the latest multiplexed and cytometry tools impacting biomarker research & validation

Biomarker Analysis Europe: In-Person

Benefits to Attending

  • 250+ attendees from leading pharma and biotech companies on working on biomarker analysis

  • Explore how companies are innovating in biomarker analysis to accelerate timelines and reduce risk in drug development

  • Gain insights to reduce attrition rates and optimise development programmes through effective assay development 

  • Learn about the latest multiplexed tools impacting biomarker research and validation, from multi-omic cytometry through to mass spectrometry & immunoassays

Agenda at a Glance

Day One 

  • Case studies of the latest multiplex tools including:  Imaging, Mass spectrometry, Immunoassays, PCR, Histology, Pathology  and Immunohistochemistry/Immunofluorescence  
  • Strategies to improve the sensitivity of multiplex assays for specific analytes  
  • Challenges of single vs multiplexed biomarker validation  
  • Multiplexed immunoassays for the successful scale up of translational research 
  • Applying flow cytometry in disease monitoring and diagnosis  
  • Flow cytometry as a platform for biomarker discovery and clinical validation  
  • Case studies: flow cytometry applications within oncology, immunology and infectious disease  
  • Investigating T-cells through flow cytometry  
  • Latest developments in flow systems  
  • Developing multi-parameter flow cytometry tools  
  • Challenges of multiplexed flow cytometry technologies  

Day Two

  • Approach for Identifying Drug Sensitivity Biomarkers Across Diverse Data Types for Patient Selection
  • Biomarker Methods and Data Tools For Analysis
  • Data Management strategies for multiplexed tools
  • Using Sampling methods to Analyze Biomarkers – Benefits and Challenges
  • Digital Biomarkers, developing digital measures, regulatory outlook, decentralized trials
  • Patient experience technology, and data sharing
  • Biomarker assays to understand mechanisms of action of a drug and monitor clinical efficacy  
  • Reduce attrition rates and optimise clinical development programs through effective assay development  
  • Developing genomic biomarker assays for cancer, including PCR and miRNA technologies  
  • Using assays to validate biomarkers for different therapeutic areas (immunology, oncology)  
  • Optimising bioassays for new therapeutic modalities – cell & gene therapies, immunotherapies and biologics  
  • Integrating predictive biomarker assays within clinical development  
  • Biomarker assays for PK/PD assessment 


This event is co-located with Tumour Microenvironment: In-Person

The event provides an additional 18+ presentations on tumour microenvironment research at the basic,
translational and clinical application levels, with exploration of the latest biomarker and spatial technologies to better understand the
tumour microenvironment, alongside emerging therapeutic opportunities in immuno-oncology

Key Speakers

The 2022 event brings together a panel of prominent leaders and scientists, sharing new case studies, innovative data and industry outlook.

Below are some of our confirmed speakers for 2022’s Biomarker Analysis Europe: In-Person

Mario Richter

Mario Richter

AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Eike Staub

Eike Staub


Sion Lewis

Siôn Lewis

UCB BioPharma

Li Chin Wong

Li Chin Wong

Prevail Therapeutics

Priyank Patel

Priyank Patel

Boehringer Ingelheim

Polina Goihberg

Polina Goihberg


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