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06 - 07 September 2021 | London, UK
+ Digital Day: 08 September 2021 | Online

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A Practical Guide to Spent Media Analysis: LC-UV and LC-MS
Applied and Compared

Thursday 30 September 2021 | 14:00 BST (UTC+1)

Presented by Richard Blankley, Biopharma Application Specialist,
Northern Europe, Agilent Technologies

Spent media analysis is a valuable tool to monitor cell health, as well as nutrient and metabolite levels in order to quickly identify and troubleshoot any problems.  For decades this has been done through a suite of individual assays – glucose, lactate, amino acids, plus additional assays for whichever other metabolites need to be monitored.  Traditionally LC/UV with sample derivatization has been the go-to approach for amino acid analysis, but increasingly users have become interested in avoiding sample derivatization which can become a bottleneck in the analysis. This has driven growth in use of alternative technologies like LC-MS, which may also enable an increase in the number and types of metabolites than can be combined into a single assay.

In this webinar we take a hands-on look at developing and applying LC-based methods for the relative and absolute quantification of amino acids and soluble vitamins in spent media from a bioreactor. We will cover:

  • Online OPA/FMOC derivitisation with both LC-UV + FLD detection.
  • Quantification of underivatized amino acids and vitamins using HILIC on the LC-MSD (single quad) and LC-QTOF

Applying these to the same samples provides a rare opportunity to directly compare the results of the different approaches. It also allows a useful discussion of the speed, cost, flexibility and real-world utility of the approaches. In addition, the session will demonstrate how Agilent OpenLab CDS and Masshunter software can be used to support rapid implementation of spent media analysis in your lab.

Scientists interested in media analysis, including those working in:

  • Cell culture
  • Cell Line Development
  • Clone Selection
  • BioProcess Development
  • Process Optimization and Control
  • Analytical Support Labs

Presented by:

“I have been a LC-MS application scientist in our UK demo lab for about eight years, most of which I have focused on life science and biopharma applications. My role is to support the sales team here at Agilent and directly support customers through troubleshooting, trainings and collaborations. Following a degree from Imperial College I spent more than ten years of my academic career in different roles at the University of Manchester.”

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