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Peptides Webinars

Targeted, Controlled and Responsive Therapeutic Delivery through the Design of Self-Assembling Peptide Hydrogels

Tuesday 14th January 2020 | 2PM GMT

Presented by Aline Miller, Professor, University of Manchester

  • Design rules for engineering responsive peptide hydrogels
  • Targeting endometriosis with sprayable peptide hydrogels
  • Delivery of therapeutics to solid tumours
  • Mucoadhesive hydrogels to prolong therapeutic efficacy

Aline Miller, PhD, is a Professor of Biomolecular Engineering in the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester where she has won several awards, including The Royal Society of Chemistry MacroGroup UK Young Researchers Medal, The Institute of Physics, Polymer Physics Group Young Researchers Lecture Award and the Philip Leverhulme Prize for Engineering for her work on self-assembling peptide materials. In this area she has published over 100 refereed papers, authored 5 patents and has won > £8M from research councils, EU, charities and industry to support her research group. Aline is also Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Manchester BIOGEL, a company specialising in providing engineered, self-assembling peptide hydrogels for 3D cell culture, 3D bioprinting and incorporation within medical devices. She currently oversees all aspects of the business from product production and development, to marketing and sales, to ensure our customers receive the very best product and service.

Our free webinar is for peptide professionals based in the UK, EU and US interested in learning more about the opportunities and challenges that exist within peptide targeted therapeutic delivery. This is a free event open to all, so why not register and benefit from the expertise of our speakers.

Proteins Webinars

High-throughput generation and characterization of recombinant antibodies for biologic development

Tuesday 17th March 2020 | 4PM GMT

Presented by Dr. Christian Frisch, R&D Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories

Protein therapeutics, such as monoclonal antibody drugs, are a distinct class of medicines due to their complex nature. The bioanalysis of these biologic drugs involves a variety of approaches, including the use of critical antibody reagents for highly selective and sensitive pharmacokinetic and immunogenicity assays. The ability to select desired kinetic properties of both antibody drugs and the antibody reagents used to monitor them plays an integral part in the process of drug discovery, development and quality control.

Join Dr Christian Frisch, R&D manager of custom recombinant antibodies at Bio-Rad Laboratories, to learn about high throughput methods for generation and characterization of recombinant antibodies that can increase efficiency and lead to a deeper understanding of the properties of biologics, and the design of the clinical assays supporting them.

• Recombinant monoclonal antibody technology

• Rapid investigation of antibody kinetic properties

• Antibody affinity improvement

Christian Frisch is R&D manager at Bio-Rad and has led the antibody generation group since 2003. He studied molecular biology in Göttingen (Germany) and did his Ph.D. with Prof. Alan Fersht at the University of Cambridge (UK) working on the energetics of protein-protein interactions and protein folding. In 1997 he joined MorphoSys AG, working on the development of display technologies and the generation of antibody phage display libraries. His group at Bio-Rad has generated more than 30,000 antibodies for custom projects over the last 16 years. He has published 25 scientific papers and holds several patents in the area of antibody technologies.

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