Promega has a range of products to support research and development of proteins, antibodies and biotherapeutic agents. The products cover the entire workflow from target identification and validation (bioassays), bacterial plasmid generation and purification, antibody development and analysis, high-throughput cell-based functional assays, through to final biotherapeutic quality control assays. Nucleic Acid and Protein/Antibody Purification with Promega chemistry is supported in high-throughput by our team of Field Support Scientists to ensure that optimum performance is achieved. Promega offers an extensive toolbox of reporter bioassays to characterize and develop novel monoclonal antibody (mAb) and cell-based therapeutics. These assays fall into the following broad categories: cytokine and growth factor, Fc effector activity, Immune Checkpoint and T Cell Activation assays (including CAR-T). Please come and visit Promega on stand 42 to discuss how our products can support your workflows.