Sunay Chankeshwara

Associate Principal Scientist, Senior Expert Peptide Chemistry
Sunay Chankeshwara
Sunay is an Associate Principal Scientist (Senior Peptide Expert) in New Modality Chemistry of Early-Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM) at AstraZeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden. His responsibilities include leading the peptide-based drug discovery projects in the Early-CVRM portfolio. Before joining AstraZeneca, Sunay was a Principal Scientist at Invizius, UK. His previous work, as a Marie-Curie Fellow, Project Lead Chemist and Technology Development Scientist at the University of Edinburgh, focuses on extending his expertise in peptide chemistry, optical imaging and bioconjugation strategies. This resulted in the discovery of novel peptide-based clinical candidates for selective identification of Gram-negative bacteria and diagnosis of ongoing fibrosis in human lungs in real-time at the bedside in a first-in-human exploratory study. Sunay is an author of 30 international publications in prestigious journals and inventor on 10 international patents covering synthetic organic, peptide and medicinal chemistry, optical imaging, targeted drug delivery, nanoparticles and chemical biology.


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