Sophia Karagiannis

Professor of Translational Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy
King's College London
Sophia Karagiannis
Sophia Karagiannis is a Professor of Translational Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy at King’s College London. She earned her BA and MS in Biochemistry at Rutgers University, USA, and her PhD in B cell immunology at King’s College London, under SERC- and SmithKline Beecham-funded scholarships (1995) and developed immunotherapies for cancer and inflammatory diseases in academic and biotechnology settings in London and Cambridge. Her cancer immunotherapy team strive to understand the cross-talk between patient immune effector cells and cancer, and design monoclonal antibodies for skin, breast and ovarian cancers. Research streams include dissecting B cell and antibody responses, understanding immunosuppressive forces in tumours and generating Fc-modified and IgE class antibodies with enhanced effector functions. She is scientific founder of IGEM Therapeutics Ltd, the first immuno-oncology biotech focused on IgE immunotherapies. Her group is the first to design and translate an IgE class antibody recognizing a cancer antigen to clinical testing.


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