Sophia Hober

Professor of Molecular Biotechnology
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sophia Hober
Sophia Hober is Professor of Molecular Biotechnology at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. The focus of her current research group is development of predictable and robust systems for protein purification and detection by protein design and various selection methodologies. Her key scientific achievements include design and development of gene fusion systems for selective ion-exchange purification and improvements of the alkaline tolerance of protein A and protein G for industrial purification of IgG/HSA (Currently a product sold by GE-Health care). Also, a novel ligand for affinity purification of proteins has been developed that display a calcium dependent binding, enabling mild elution from the column. Moreover, small bispecific protein domains, with ability to strongly and selectively bind to two different proteins have been developed. These domains have been designed for use in protein purification as well as for cancer theranostics. Prof. Hober is the author of more than 120 fulllength scientific papers and has filed more than 20 international patent applications. She is cofounder of 4 start-up companies and member of several Board of Directors. She is also elected member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.


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