Michael Agrez

Chief Executive Officer
InterK Peptide Therapeutics
Michael Agrez
Dr Michael Agrez, MB,BS, MS, PhD, FRCS, FRACS, is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of InterK Peptide Therapeutics Limited based in Sydney, Australia. InterK functions largely as a virtual biotech company with most of its R&D program being conducted as contract research undertaken by high-profile institutions along the eastern seaboard of Australia and overseas. The company’s focus during the past ten years has been on development of peptides that boost the immune system. During his 30 year tenure with The University of Newcastle, Australia, Dr Agrez published numerous articles in international peer-reviewed journals that cover aspects of epidemiology, cancer screening, molecular biology and biochemistry whilst also being actively involved in healthcare administration and management. His academic contribution as a surgical scientist was acknowledged by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in the form of a national award in 2000 given to only one Australian surgeon that year.


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