David Tew

Project Leader and GSK Senior Fellow
David Tew
David Tew is a GSK Senior Fellow and a member of GSK’s Synthetic Biochemistry group. His role is to seek new aspects of emerging bioscience, particularly the application of Synthetic Biology, and adapt it for use in new drug manufacturing processes ranging from traditional small molecules through to biopharmaceuticals. Most recently David has been leading a project to apply Synthetic Biology to redesign the manufacture of therapeutic oligonucleotides. This has resulted in a platform approach to therapeutic oligonucleotide synthesis that is both convergent and is fully aqueous. David has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including early drug discovery, mechanistic enzymology, assay development, especially for miniaturised assay formats, reagent generation and, most recently, the application of Synthetic Biology. In 2018 David was appointed as The Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at Bristol University.


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