Chengbin Wu

Founder and Chief Executive Offifer
EpimAB Biotherapeutics
Chengbin Wu
Dr. Chengbin Wu is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of EpimAb Biotherapeutics Inc., an innovative biologics company focusing on developing next generation antibody-based therapies. Dr. Wu has 20 years of experience in discovery, development, and technological innovation in the antibody field, and he is a world-renowned expert in bispecific antibody technologies and therapeutic development. Dr. Wu has built a distinguished career in the biopharmaceutical industry, taking on different leadership responsibilities in different parts of the world. Previously he was Chief Scientific Officer and President of R&D at 3SBio, a leading China-based biopharmaceutical company. Before that he was the Senior Vice President Biologics at Shanghai ChemPartner, where he established a comprehensive antibody R&D platform. Prior to returning to China, Dr. Wu was a Volwiler Associate Fellow at Abbvie, where he invented the DVD-Ig technology and led several antibody projects from concept to regulatory filing. Dr. Wu received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Georgia in the US, and postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School with a grant from the Cancer Research Institute.


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